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Used machines - revitalised

The old machine is completely dismantled and cleaned. Not a single screw is left untouched. The fully machined frame is lacquered inside and out. Parts not in contact with the produce being packaged are nickel-plated. All parts that come in contact with the produce being packaged are made of stainless steel.

The machine is subsequently configured according to the customer's requirements.

The power drive is redesigned using either frequency or servo-regulated components. The motor, transmission, as well as all other wearing parts are renewed.

The electric control cabinet is completely rebuilt. The processor controller, text indicator along with the latest converter technology guarantees the highest availability, flexibility and maximum output.

The finished machine is completely tailored to your needs. Every machine comes with a touch-screen with an optional colour display, real-time fault analyser, a multi-lingual user interface, and a remote warning system.

A new controller with colour operator's terminal (touch-screen) allows for comfortable operation of the state of the art software. The high ease of use is supported by a plain text failure indication system and thorough operators guide.

The frequency regulated drive allows for an optimal, dynamic and smooth running of the machine, as well as a maximal output.

A 24-Program memory capacity allows for all produce and film specific machine parameters to be stored separately.

For higher performance or greater flexibility (e.g. frequent retooling) the machine can be fitted with a powerful servo-drive.


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